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Men may have different ideas of what a perfect wife may be, which is not surprising — different people have different tastes and preferences. Still, most gentlemen would love to come home to a clean house and see a smile on their lady’s face. The delicious smell of a freshly cooked dinner will surely complete this ideal picture, just like a child or two. 

Still, such a perfect picture often exits only in our heads. More and more ladies these days do not feel too enthusiastic about securing all of that, so more and more men turn their gaze toward mail order brides services. But can a foreign bride do what our local women will not?  Most of the time — yes, totally. You simply have to choose the right region for brides hunting and the right website to provide reliable services and a stable Internet connection. We’ll give you some tips on choosing trustworthy dating platforms and offer some cultural insight into different mail order brides’ personalities and the countries they come from. So, read on — this could be your best chance at idyllic family happiness!

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Mail order brides: how are they different from American women?

The first question you’ll be interested in is what makes mail order brides so different, and why we believe they can be key to family happiness. While some mail order brides come from Western Europe, which makes them culturally similar to the US ladies, a lot of potential brides (even more of them, as a matter of fact) come from Asia, Eastern Europe, and Latin America. No matter how different all of these regions may be culturally and ethnically, there is one social trait they have in common: women from these countries are less career-centered and more family-focused than American ladies.

This fact alone, however, does not imply you will enjoy marrying a foreigner. Besides, all too many gentlemen mistakenly believe that since most mail order brides come from developing countries, it means they’re mostly interested in gentlemen’s purses, not their hearts. This, once again, is a ridiculous concept because coming from a less economically advanced country does not mean that all this person will ever be interested in is money.

It is, on the other hand, possible to state that a lot of mail order brides are looking for something better in life — otherwise, they would have no intention of leaving their homelands, along with their friends and relatives, behind. If those are not financial concerns and hope for living in a more advanced country, what is it, then?

Here, the answer will depend on the region your bride comes from. Eastern Europe, for example, has slightly more women than men, so even statistically finding a truly good match is a problem. Besides, most Eastern European men have grown quite spoiled by the beautiful women’s attention, which complicates matters even more — because no one wants to be married to a conceited ‘macho.’

Speaking of machos, the issue is even more pressing for Latin American women, where machismo culture is part of their daily life. Most ladies on this continent are supposed to put up with many things that would appall a Westerner: from physical violence to endless infidelity. The lives of most Asian women are not at all better — here, most young girls don’t even get a say who they’re supposed to marry, as arranged marriages are still common. Call it a downside of tradition, if you like. 

As you can see, most mail order brides live different kind of lives, which gives them plenty of competitive advantages over the Western ladies. These women are smart, beautiful, educated, they often have well-paid jobs, and most of them are excellent homemakers — and still, they do not get half of the respect and affection they deserve. The picture we paint here may seem dramatic, but it’s daily realia for many mail order brides.

Bottom line, what they’re looking for online is a man who would love and support them — not necessarily financially, but mostly emotionally. In return, they are ready to relocate to an entirely new country and do their best in helping their husbands live better lives. They are accustomed to way more stressful living conditions, and they will not whine about doing household routine or taking care of the kids. As long, of course, as they think their husbands treat them with love and attention. 

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Mail order brides sites: how they work?

The logic is very straightforward, so you will not see much difference between using a mail order brides site and any other dating platform you’ve ever tried. This, however, only goes for site navigation and functionality — from a user’s perspective. From the perspective a man determined to find a wife, mail order brides services have a huge competitive advantage over the mainstream dating sites: they verify each bride’s identity before this prospective bride is allowed to join. 

This security measure ensures that every lady who joins the site is 100% real and single (or divorced). Simply put, she’s eligible for marriage. However, professional agencies often go even further than that and occasionally check in with all of the ladies. This helps them eliminate all inactive profiles, as well as ensure that none of the accounts are hacked. So, response rates on international marriage platforms are also higher in comparison to free dating sites — all inactive profiles are suspended, and most ladies you contact will gladly reach out to you. It does not mean that every one of them will be interested in what you have to offer, but chances are — she’ll at least drop you a line. 

Besides, you will not find a multitude of relationship types and goals on marriage platforms. These sites are about bringing heterosexual couples together, so you will not find people looking for casual pen pals on mail order brides sites. Once again, this narrows down your search for a perfect match and helps you avoid distractions in the process, which is a great perk.

The only downside so far is that all mail order brides sites run on a commercial basis. Given how much time and human resources these sites invest in security and anti-fraud protection, ad revenue would not be enough to keep these businesses running. Also, annoying ads interfere with user experience, which is against professional agencies policies. So, you will either see no ads at all or, at least, a couple of unobtrusive images in your browser footer or sidebar — that’s it.

Even though mail order brides sites are not charitable organizations, it does not mean they rip people off. Potential grooms can sign up for free, play along with the site’s search filters and have a preview of the bride’s profiles. So, you can easily give several platforms a try — it will not cost you a dime until you decide to chat with one of the ladies.

If you do decide to contact the brides, that’s when you’re expected to pay. At this point, the prices, as well as the actual billing logic, will differ depending on the platform. If the site runs on fixed-price subscriptions, the longer you subscribe for, the less the cost of each month will be. Sites that run on such billing logic usually have several membership plans to choose from. The cheapest, basic subscription, usually includes unlimited text messages (either over email or chat). A more expensive plan will usually have video chats and voice calls on top of that. The most expensive one will also have additional perks like private browsing, seeing who views your profile, message translation, etc.

Some sites, however, bill gentlemen for every service they use rather than force them to subscribe for a bulk of pre-paid features users might or might not need. Logically speaking, such an approach is a fairer one. Still, it will not always be more affordable — here, a lot will depend on the site in question. Some fixed-price subscriptions may be as cheap as $15/month, and some gentlemen might spend thousands of dollars on communication with the ladies. In the end, it all depends on which site you join, your activity on this platform, and your personal communication preferences. 

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How to choose an affordable site you can trust

We bet that the chance of spending thousands of dollars per month on online communication is not something you would enjoy. So, our solution would be to go for services that offer more flexibility and higher control over your expenses. Since neither fixed-price subscriptions nor paying on a per-service basis can ensure such flexibility, some mail order brides sites use a mixed approach to billing. So, some services (most usually communication means) are paid for fixed-price, while some others are billed extra.

An excellent example of an additional service that is not included in the standard subscription is a chance to send one of the ladies a gift. Since most reputable platforms have offices in the countries their brides come from, you can order a little something and have it delivered to your lady. You are paying the site’s commission, which makes the cost of your gift a bit higher than average. On the other hand, buying something and shipping it all across the world costs even more. The gift selection, however, will be quite limited. Those are usually flowers, candy, toys, and perfume.

The same logic applies to travel and marriage arrangements. You can hire the agency’s help with both of those if you feel like. Travel assistance usually implies booking flights and hotels, ensuring airport transfer, and providing local guides and interpreters on request. Marriage assistance has to do with legal paperwork you and your beautiful bride will need to relocate to your county as a couple. Once again, you will have to pay all the embassy’s fees, along with a website’s commission, but given how much time and energy this paperwork takes, the opportunity might be worth considering.

Apart from these important features any legitimate marriage agency has to offer, customers can enjoy plenty of other perks in their online dating experience. Those mostly have to do with the platform’s interactivity and overall user experience, so they will largely depend on the site you use. Still, such little details as a chance to turn on anonymous browsing mode or read through cultural blogs and articles can make all the difference between an enjoyable site and an average dating platform.

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Final tips on dating women internationally

On the whole, online dating can be a highly rewarding experience — especially, if you consider that most marriages formed on mail order brides websites have lower divorce rates in compassion to marriages built the old-fashioned way. However, you are still to exercise reasonable caution when you chat online. No matter how much a marriage website may invest in security, there is no 100% guarantee from an online scam.

Speaking of guarantees, you should also avoid using platforms that promise to find you a perfect wife, especially if they set specific timeframes and deadlines for that. Unless their promise to find you a wife is an ad cliche, you should stay away from such websites. They are clearly unprofessional because no one this world can promise you that. Indeed, reputable platforms use highly advanced search and match-making algorithms, but that’s as far as it gets. The rest depends on you — on what you’re looking for in a woman and how you can convey these ideas across when talking to different ladies.

We would recommend that you do some cultural research to find out more about your potential bride’s country. This will be an excellent conversation starter, and it will also show ladies how serious you are in your intentions of getting married. Besides, it may help you avoid some awkward cultural misunderstandings, which is also a great bonus when talking to mysterious mail order brides. 

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