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  •   Extra safety

  •   An outstanding number of active users reaching 100 000 at times

  •   Flawless reputation lasting two decades by now

  •   Girls answering enthusiastically with a respectable response rate


  •   Somewhat outdated design and flawed navigation Dating Site Description and Review is one of the oldest and most reputable dating websites connecting gentlemen with Russian ladies. In fact, the ladies here come not only from the Russian Federation, but also from Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Estonia, and other former Soviet republics. has managed to achieve such shining reputation by unfailingly providing its gentlemen clients precisely what they bargained for – connecting them with authentic Russian ladies and effectively exterminating any possibility of scam through thoroughly verifying all lady profiles before allowing those girls on the website. Also, you shouldn’t worry about the language barrier on this website because the administration provides a translator for any conversation (email, chat, voice, or video) upon request.

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General overview of dating site

Mysterious Russian beauties have been capturing the hearts and minds of gentlemen all over the world for centuries. Men from Europe and America envy their friends who have managed to marry a Russian bride. With reputable dating sites like, it is no longer necessary to travel literally across half the world to get connected to the Russian beauty of your dreams. Men can chat with these ladies as long as they want and take their time until they are 100% confident about meeting them offline and marrying them. is not only the oldest but also the most “heavily populated” of all Russian mail order brides websites. And it is no wonder – it has been honestly aiding its services to couples for two decades now. Today, they are the place to be for every Russian girl who wants to find a loving husband abroad, as well as for everyone who wants to be a loving husband for such a girl.

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Navigating Dating Website: First glance, Registration, and Interaction

As we have mentioned, the design of is evidently outdated. It is safe to say that they need an update. You get greeted with a collage of girls pictures that look like an underwear catalog. For a present-day viewer, a website that is supposed to help couples unite into lasting marriages should look different and not send such mixed messages. Admittedly, however, the site has been up and running since forever. Such an approach may have been a thing at some point in the past and may still work for eligible gentlemen of a particular age. This design is also a trademark of, and one cannot tell whether or not people would still recognize it, should they decide to re-design.

The registration process is free and takes only a few steps: You mention your name, email, and birth date. Once registered, you are free to fill and modify your profile as much as you like. The matchmaking system is built in a way that the more honest and representative your profile is, the more accurately it matches you to your potential Russian wives. If you choose not to trust site matchmaking system, you are equally welcome to leave your profile blank and browse through ladies’ profiles yourself.

But – as they say – “you can look, but you can’t touch.”  Looking around is free of charge, but to start some actual interaction, you will have to top up your account by purchasing some credits. Fortunately, the interaction tools are not as outdated as the website design: you can exchange long letters or lines of chat; there is also a possibility of a video chat or even sending gifts. One may get an impression that one can only start actually enjoying the website as soon as one starts investing money into it.

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What people do at

As we have mentioned, the registration at is indeed free, but it only gives you the opportunity to browse through all those Russian girls’ profiles. To start a conversation with one (or more) of them, you need to purchase a few credits and become a Premium member. It gives you an opportunity to realize which women you would like to chat with before you start spending your money with the dating website. You also get enough time to get familiar with the pricing system. But – to be fair – it is not complicated anyway: You just pay your monthly subscription for getting access to all the features, including those you might not need. For example, if you prefer live chats, you may barely ever use emails and vice versa.

Once you are positive that you want to take your relationship with a Russian woman offline, the website offers to facilitate your trip to Russia. They help you buy plane tickets, book hotels, find a translator if necessary, etc.

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How many Russian women are there at

Having existed for two decades, proudly boasts the impressive amount of over 100 000 user profiles. It remains to be assumed, however, that throughout all this time, many of these users have already found each other and started their happy families or are otherwise inactive. 20 years is a huge amount of time, indeed.

But – these are only idle reflections. In practice, it never happens that you log in to no online profiles. Quite the contrary, – there are always several hundred Russian women online eager to talk to a gentleman. One can guess that this is because Russia is so big that it stretches across many time zones.

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Are all these Russian girls at genuine?

Even today, there is a considerable number of people who express voiced doubt about the legitimacy of mail order brides websites as a whole. One can imagine that this doubt was way stronger at the dawn of this industry. As one of the original online dating sites, was one of those who confronted such stereotypes with honest service. They have a fine tradition of thoroughly checking all the women who want to have their profiles listed on their website. So, you can stay confident that all the women profiles at are indeed legitimate, authentic, and verified and that the woman on the picture is indeed the woman with whom you are chatting.

The website has also built a comprehensive matchmaking system that will match you only with the ladies whom you will undoubtedly find gorgeous. For this purpose – unlike men, all women that have profiles at are required to have their profiles filled entirely. If they experience language difficulties, they get a translator – this is why some of the profiles look “too literate.” They are still genuine nevertheless. The only effort required of you is to be honest when filling your own profile – this is the only way to let all those search filters work for the benefit of your romantic life.

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Safety and Responsibility at

As we have mentioned, quite rightfully boasts the level of anti-scam security that they achieve by carefully screening all the ladies who create profiles there. However, nowhere on the website do they pronouncedly state any guarantees against scam. So, one needs to be aware that, in the highly unlikely instance of getting scammed at, the dating site assumes no responsibility. However, there is no reason to worry: Had there been any dramatic instances of scam to talk about, the website couldn’t possibly last as long as it did.

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