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Mail Order Russian Brides and Find Family Happiness

Do you ever wonder why so many single men go and meet Russian brides online? The answer is simple — they are tired of being single, and they look for an ideal woman that would make them a loyal and supportive partner for life. Beautiful Russian brides can accomplish just that, which is why more and more Western men gaze in this direction when looking for a perfect wife. One can say a lot about hot Russian women, their amazing personalities, their excellent homemaking skills, and their devout attitude to their husbands. We’ll get to it later, but first, let’s find out how Russian mail order brides services work and how you can choose a website that will find you an ideal wife.

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Russian mail order brides vs. international dating sites

Even though online dating grows ever more popular — and maybe even because of this — there is quite a lot of confusion about mail order Russian brides services. Some men think those are not at all different from any other dating site, while others believe them to be some kind of online shops where you can buy a Russian bride of your choosing.

In practice, both assumptions are entirely wrong. No one is literally selling people because that would not be legal in any country of the world — and definitely, not in Russia which has grown very advanced in the last few decades. ‘Mail order’ is just a slang phrase dating services use to describe eligible ladies ready to relocate to their husbands’ countries. Still, when it comes to choosing a husband, absolutely all ladies are to choose whichever men they like. So, in this particular regard, Russian mail order brides sites are not that different from any other dating app or website you’ve used so far.

Yet, there is still a critical difference any family-centered men will appreciate. A dating website that acts as a Russian brides club for marriage will verify each bride’s identity — something most other websites don’t bother doing at all or leave this process optional. Simply put, most mainstream dating sites cannot guarantee that the lady you are talking to is who she claims to be. Besides, international dating services welcome all types of relationship goals, while brides sites are focused on marriage exclusively.

Next, mainstream dating apps can be either free or paid. All mail order brides platforms work on a commercial basis. The cost of using their services is not that high, but still — users are expected to pay for communication with hot Russian brides. On the other hand, they provide more security — not only do they verify each bride’s identity (often, in person, in one of the company’s local divisions), but also call ladies now and then to make they are still managing their accounts. This way, any account that has been proven inactive or fraudulent, gets removed. So, this is the primary reason why anyone determined to marry should choose in favor of professional, commercial dating services.

Of course, there is more. Sites that introduce Russian brides to eligible grooms from all over the world offer a set of other useful features most other dating sites cannot guarantee. The actual features will largely depend on each particular platform (and there are quite a lot of them), but still, it’s possible to trace a couple of similarities. For example:

  • Gift delivery: standard dating website allows sending virtual gifts, while a professional dating agency can delivery a real-life present. We already mentioned that plenty of those services have local divisions, and these divisions can ensure your match can get a little something from you — flowers, candy, jewelry, etc.
  • Travel help and arrangements: sooner or later, you’d want to date Russian women you met over the site in person, and a reputable agency should help you with that. They can arrange your trip, provide accommodation, set up a meeting with one or several ladies, even offer you a guide if you want to go sightseeing. Then, you can decide if any of the beautiful Russian women you meet could be your match.
  • Legal help with visas and relocation: if you do find a lady you’d like to marry, a professional service should also be able to help with obtaining a marriage visa. Of course, you should not expect that they will magically make embassy fees smaller, but in some cases, they can help shorten the waiting period, which is already a huge plus.

Those are all major differences between professional marriage sites and mainstream dating apps. As you can see, for a moderate price, professional agencies offer all the help a gentleman may need when looking for Russian women for marriage.

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Why go for hot Russian brides?

But why would you go with this destination, specifically? Simply put, do Russian women make good wives — good enough to make this online dating experience worth your time and money? We believe, they do; here are just some things you can expect from Russian mail order wives:

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They value families above all other things in life

One of the things Russian women brides will have in common — no matter if they are young girls of mature ladies — is their traditional family values. Family is always a top priority for them, and no Russian woman would ever choose a career over it. This, of course, does not mean that family is the only thing they care about. Quite on the contrary, these self-sufficient and independent ladies often have an excellent education, impressive jobs, and plenty of exciting hobbies. Still, none of these are as important as a family.

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They are loyal wives and excellent mothers

Even single Russian women are highly devoted to their families and their relatives. When you do get married, you will become her ‘primary’ family, though. Simply put, you’ll be the main beneficiary of all her love and affection — at the very least until the kids come. After that, be prepared that her focus will shift a little because Russian wives are the best mothers you can ever hope to find.

Don’t think we are talking about over-protective moms who won’t let a poor child run free, not even for a second. Here, it’s quite the opposite —they do everything in their power to help the child explore this world, without too much interference into the process. Russian moms understand that we all learn from our mistakes and would rather allow kids some degree of liberty than restrict them with excessive safety measures or authoritative rules.

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Their homemaking skills will make you forget all trouble

Even young Russian girls who live alone are excellent homemakers. It’s just not OK for a Russian lady to live in an untidy home or eat semi-cooked foods — it goes against their culture, their self-respect, and their healthy eating habits. When they do get married, they tend to pay even more attention to homes their families live in. More importantly, Russian wives see it as their primary duty to keep the house clean and the food — deliciously nutritious.

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They are fun, smart, and pleasant to be around

Still, no man will marry a woman for her homemaking skills alone — we all want something bigger in life. When you date Russian women, you will inevitably notice their charming personalities. They may not be as direct as American ladies, but they are not shy either. They are witty, fun, and easy-going. Most of them have an astonishing sense of humor, and once you get used to, you will roll with laughter at all of her jokes. Russian brides are just the kind of women a man needs around because they can cheer anyone up in daily life and in times of trouble.

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Tops things to consider when choosing a dating site

It’s not that hard to find Russian women online, but sometimes choosing the best website that would work for you is a bit challenging. There are so many platforms out there that choosing just one can be a bit frustrating. And we do recommend choosing just one site — this way, you’ll avoid paying extra fees and will limit unnecessary distractions to a minimum. This, in turn, means that your search for a perfect bride should go more smoothly.

While there is no universal recipe as to an ideal dating platform, we suggest you consider these aspects in the first place:

  • The exact region the site operates in. It’s possible to search for sites that work in Russia exclusively; however, you should also remember that some platforms will welcome other Slavic girls from the neighboring countries and feature them under Russian brides collective category. This is not necessarily a bad thing; but, if you’ve set your mind on Russia, just make sure your filters are set to this precise location.
  • Demographics the site focuses on. Most women on online dating sites are quite young, somewhere in between 25 and 35 years old. In Russia, this is quite a common age to get married and start a family. But, if you’re interested in more mature women, you can find them on specialized platforms that target a more mature audience. Or, you could simply adjust your search filters and look for women in your preferred age range.
  • Communication means the platforms offers. Most dating services these days can offer a wide range of contact means. But, since you will be paying for all communication with the service, you’d rather go for platforms that emphasize tools you prefer. For example, one site will have cheap letters and live chats; another platform may charge less for calls and video chats. Consider which you like more and choose a site that asks a moderate price for these tools.
  • Billing logic and prices. Speaking of prices, you may also compare some of them before choosing just one platform. As you do, you will notice that some dating services charge a fixed-price monthly fee (that goes down if you subscribe for long periods of time). Other platforms prefer billing clients for each separate service they use. Think which one is more suitable for you, calculate your potential expenses (approximately, at least), and do the thinking.
  • Customer feedback about this service. That’s one of the last things you will need to check once you have a couple of websites bookmarked. See what other people have to say about this site, but take neither praise nor criticism too seriously. Instead, try to find out things that matter for you. How large is the user database? Do women contact men a lot? Is the response rate high? How many couples have met via this service? The list can go on, and you can find plenty of answers to the questions that interest you.

Once you define the above aspects and find a dating agency that matches your criteria, you can start chatting with lovely brides. Most of the time, gentlemen find their perfect match within a year or sooner, so stay patient and try to meet as many single Russian women as you can — it should boost your chances of finding that lady you’ve dreaming of.

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