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AsianDate Review

The crazy rhythm of life sometimes prevents from building love relationships. In the modern world, the circle of communication of many people is limited to the work collective and some long-standing comrades. But what about those who are in dire need of new acquaintances? Today there is a great way out. Just try your luck on the Internet. Network communication is gaining momentum day by day.

A lot of people have already celebrated their wedding with soul mates, which they found via the Internet. With confidence, only one thing can be said: the popularity of dating sites is growing day by day.

The explanation is simple! In this way, you can communicate with people

  • from any country, 
  • of any age, 
  • and of any status. 

This means that you can increase the chances of finding a person with similar interests and tastes. The only condition is to find a reliable dating site. Therefore, we decided to prepare an AsianDate Review for those who see their soul mate of Asian nationality.

Today, many people began to pay attention to Asians. And this is not surprising since Asian girls are distinguished by the incredible charm and directly glow with natural beauty. Therefore, those who want to find an Asian being on the other side of the world should not have problems. Niche sites help to do this without much difficulty. Just hasten to say that this site is suitable not only for men but also for women.

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Main Features About AsianDate

This site has become very popular recently in the market of international marriage agencies. It was founded back in 1993 and today, over a year, 1,000,000 people come here.

On this platform, you can get acquainted with girls from Asian countries from anywhere in the world. It is the niche of the site that makes it so popular among users. After all, for those who are intentionally looking for girls of a certain nationality, it is much easier to come to a specialized place for this than to spend days searching for Asians among ordinary sites.

Many users say that really beautiful women are gathered here. This is not difficult to verify even from the first minutes of interaction with the site. Be prepared that your eyes can run away from so many beautiful Asians. So if you want to get not just an Asian girl, but also a real beauty, then this site provides an excellent opportunity for this.

The AsianDate dating agency pays particular attention to the security policies of its members and monitors acts of fraud. However, such precedents are very rarely happening. We want to start our review with advantages and disadvantages.


  • The site interface is very convenient and does not cause any difficulties.
  • All profiles of women look decent and have professional photos.
  • Free registration and trial versions for some services.
  • The presence of a free mobile application for both iOS and Android.


  • Some services should be paid, however, their usage is one more way to find your Asian bride very quickly. 
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How to Start With AsianDate Website

When you open the official website, you will be struck by a man and an Asian woman in love. You will immediately be prompted to register, so you can immediately say that you will not have problems with site navigation. It is worth noting that the photo of the couple is absolutely not confusing due to the exotic appearance of the man. This does not confuse the main purpose of this site. But still, this item is not critical but is especially noticeable for attentive users. 

Also on the site, you will see several reviews allegedly from real users of the platform. And of course, you can view basic information about the company and the features of the site.

It is worth noting the main competitive advantage. This is the presence of a mobile application that is available for both

  • iOS 
  • and Android. 

In fact, the application is a simplified version of the site but allows you to conveniently use all the functions and services. If you do not have the opportunity to spend a lot of time at the computer, and you are more familiar with the smartphone, then this is a great option. You can use the application anytime, anywhere. You can first familiarize yourself with the work of the AsianDate online to understand all the nuances, and then go to the application. In general, having an application is undoubtedly a great advantage.

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The Registration Process and Profile Creation

  • The registration process is very simple and does not cause any difficulties for users. Moreover, this can be done in a few clicks. 
    1. As mentioned earlier, the registration form appears immediately on the main page of the official website. All you need to do is fill in the required columns, there are only four of them.
    2. Next, you will receive an activation link to your inbox, which you need to confirm. If you want, you can register by mail using your Google account. As you can see, the registration process is as simple as on other online dating sites.

    Then you can proceed to

    • creating your profile, 
    • or you can add information later when you wish. 

    To fill in the profile, you can add 4 photos, one of them will be the main one. Please note that it is better to add only high-quality photos to your profile. Well, then fill in the information about yourself. Next, you need to indicate your preferences in the girl you are looking for. By the way, note that when creating an account, you may be required to provide your

    • exact address 
    • and mobile number. 

    Do not be afraid of this requirement,  the site assures users about the security of the data provided. On the other hand, such information requirements can be considered as anti-fraud activities.

    If you want to delete your profile, then this is quite possible. 

    1. First, go to your account section and delete all contact information from there. 
    2. After this, you need to write a letter to the support service asking you to delete your account. You will also need to tell the reason for the desire to delete the profile.
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Who Is Waiting You on This Site?

After you fill out the profile, you will see profiles of girls that may interest you. But if you want to hit the target as accurately as possible, then you need to use the search. This is a free option, so be sure to use it. There is the possibility of both ordinary and more advanced matching. If you have a clear vision of what your ideal Asian woman should look like, then your chances of finding one will increase.

By the way, many users note that with advanced search it is better to leave a couple of lines that are not particularly important empty. Thus you can achieve the most accurate results!

You will be given profiles based on your filters where 

  • the photo, 
  • name 
  • and brief information about the girl 

will be available. In order to chat with a girl, you do not need to fully open her profile. When you browse accounts, you can see which of the girls are online and start chatting with them instantly. We want to remind you once again that there are a lot of beautiful girls on this site, so be prepared to be excited and fascinated. By the way, all the profiles that you view will be saved, so you can always find the right girl quickly. This is a very convenient feature when you want to return to a specific profile.

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The Pricing Policy

Registration on this site is free. But in order to use all the services to the full, you will have to invest a little. This site has a credit system. In fact, here are the same conditions as on many other similar agencies. The main intention of this system is to collect only purposeful and serious users, as well as immediately cut off fraud attempts.

We hasten to please you, unlike other sites, there is an advantageous offer here that you can use only once. Therefore, do not miss this opportunity. 

  • You can purchase 20 credits for only $2.99. Plus, you will have three minutes for free chat. The usual cost of this amount of credits is $15.99. 

So as soon as you see such an offer, do not pass by! This is a good opportunity to check the operation of the site without any special financial costs. Such a credit amount is quite enough to experience all the standard services and decide what additional ones to use in the future to increase your chances of finding your love.

As in many other agencies, you can win by buying a large number of credits, so it will be much more profitable. 

For example, 

  • 200 credits will cost you $119, 
  • and when you buy 200, you will pay $219. 

So if you decide to buy credits, think that a larger amount will be much more profitable.

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It Is Safe to Use this Site

This site takes the safety of its members very seriously. Thanks to such a system as SSL, all information that users post is encrypted and not shared with other people.

When registering an account, it is necessary to confirm the activation link through your Email. Although this is the most commonplace way of confirming your identity, it is still present.

You can also see a mark on the profiles that the account has been verified and is reliable. This means that such users have verified their identity, their intentions are as serious as yours and you may feel free to write them!

Nevertheless, one must remember the basic rules of personal security at online services. Use only the features that are provided by the platform directly and stay assured that your personal data will be as safe as possible. 

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FAQs: You Should Know the Answers!

It is important to note that there are many Asian women here. Since they have long been attracted to foreign men, not only because of their appearance but also to a better attitude to women. This means that here you can find quite a lot of different girls to your taste.

What is more, in almost every profile of a girl you can find professional photos. However, this is due to the fact that the site requires high-quality photos from candidates and it is generally accepted that such photos attract more attention than blurry selfies. In addition, as you know, there is only one chance to make a first impression, and a professional photo is the best way to do this in the online space.

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Let’s Conclude: How to Use the Service to Get Most Out of It

Based on our review, you were able to see how this platform operated and how can it be useful for you. This is a great place for those who want to find an Asian beauty. The AsianDate provides a wide variety of girl profiles. And this means that even the most fastidious person will be able to find a candidate for their taste.

  • There are some success stories of happy marriages online thanks to this platform. We believe that with a great desire, indeed, everything can end with a wedding waltz!
  • As for the prices, you will need to invest some money to use all the services. However, can your happiness be less valuable and important than money?

Just try to use this site to find your soulmate or simply communicate with an Asian woman. We also want to remind you that you can at least try and get acquainted with the site because you have nothing to lose! This site is one of the leaders in its niche, so it is obvious that here you can find what you need. We were glad to help you make your choice with our review so feel free to use it in a case of any questions. 


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